Join Ash, her Superhero Ah Ma, and their family and friends as they go on Unforgettable Adventures in and around Singapore to help you learn more about dementia. These bite-sized comics explore newest design features and developments that make living with dementia easier for everyone!

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Sticker of Superhero ah ma flyingSticker of Superhero ah ma flying

Meet the characters

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Hi, I'm Ash. I'm 11 years old and have the secret superpowers of strength and speed!
Ah Ma
My name is Annie, but the kids call me Ah Ma. I'm super-flexible and I can fly.
I'm Grace Tan. I'm Ash's mum, Ah Ma's daughter, and a full-time working mother.
Hey, I'm Zoe! I'm Ash's best friend. I handle all of Ash and Ah Ma's publicity and social media!
I am Buddy. I'm Ash's neighbour and childhood friend. I'm great with tech.

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comic #1: A Deep dive into dementia

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comic #2: dealing with dementia

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comic #3: kampung admiralty: Singapore's 1st retirement village

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comic #4: therapeutic garden @ tiong bahru park

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comic #5: dementia friendly community @ yishun

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comic #6: adapting to dementia at home

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comic #7: helping dementia caregivers

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Comic #8: the power of music

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comic #9: dementia day care

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comic #10: common types of dementia

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ah ma's cosy corner

Ah Ma's new shelf has just arrived. What objects do you think should go there? Drag the stickers around to create your scene.
Screenshot your cosy corner and share it on social media with #superheroahma #ahmacosycorner.
Inspired by the cosy corner concept in by Lien Foundation, Lekker Architects, and Lanzavecchia + Wai Design Studio.

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meet the creators

Learn from writer Melanie Lee and illustrator Arif Rafhan!

The creative minds behind Ash & Ah Ma are happy to share their enthusiasm for writing stories and creating characters.

Reach out to to organise talks and workshops!

Sessions may cover:
  • Understanding comic fundamentals and visual literacy
  • Behind-the-scenes of the comic publishing process
  • Character creation
  • Step-by-step how-to-draw Ash & Ah Ma
  • And more!

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